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1.Brief introduction

SQ(G)irradiator is designed to process high density products. Roller conveyors ,hoist and  chain conveyors are used for product transportation and irradiation. The product is normally carried in totes or on  pallets.


◆ suitable for medical products (high dose) and high density products;
◆ High energy utilization efficiency,low dose uniformity rate ,high admissible load;
◆ flexible operation,level and side change inside the radiation room;
◆ Simple source pass with low failure rate.
3. Technical Features
◆ Source Rack:Flat frame, large load, high  energy utilization efficiency
◆ Conveyor System: Combined Roller conveyor system and hoist source pass mechanism, automatic level and side change
◆ Bar code system: used to trace products
◆ SCADA: Based on Siemens PLC and Wincc
◆ Safety interlock system: conform to Chinese standards and IAEA safety requirements
4. Characteristics

Design capacity
Tote Size
load per tote
Source pass
Source rack capacity
(cobalt pencil)
1.5,2 105×55×135
250-500 6 or 4 pass 480-640
3,4 900-1200
5,6 1500-1800