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SQ(T)-Type industrial irradiator-Pallet irradiator put into operation in Vietnam


In May 2012, SQ(T)-Type industrial irradiator-Pallet irradiator was completed with installation and commissioning. And it was normally running by Vietnamese company in Sep 2012. The design capacity of this facility is 3 MCi, initial source loading is 80 kCi. The facility was installed for run test in China, so there was no one mechanical failure in 48 hours of commissioning in Vietnam. In 2010, the project became the ‘Torch project’ which was supported and promoted by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China(Project Number 2010GH040062).
The SQ(T)-Type irradiator is the fourth type product of SQHL after SQ(F),SQ(H) and SQ(G). It is a new type irradiator which is designed and manufactured by SQHL according to customer’s requirements. The heavy hanging chain conveyor system and the hydraulic source pass are combined, it can load two pallets directly, no need to split and pack the pallet products, it can save a lot of time and labors. The source pass is simple and it can achieve a variety of operating modes. There are 3 source racks (different capacity) for high and low dose treatment needs. The single pallet volume is about 1m×1.2m×1.8m and the load is up to 800kg, each carrier can load 2 pallets. It can treat high density goods, especially suitable for frozen seafood, food and also fresh fruit; it also can be used to sterilization of medical products.
This facility is the second irradiator which is exported to abroad of SQHL, it is also the Chinese second-exported irradiator, and the first irradiator was exported to Thailand in 2007 by SQHL also. It indicates that Chinese company has taken another important step to the international market. SQHL will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen the R & D in order to better meet the needs for local and abroad users, and will provide more excellent equipment for radiation processing industry in the world.