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SQHL company has passed the ISO9001:2008 audit


In December 2009, Beijing Sanqiang Heli Radiation Engineering Technology CO., LTD (SQHL) passed the ISO9001:2008 audit, and renewed its Certificate of Quality Management Systems certification (Certificate No. 01609Q23028R2S). Amongst the world"s most stringent technological requirements for passage, our attainment of the certificate assures that Beijing SQHL (including Beijing Zhihui Heli Radiation Technology Institute, Beijing Yanjing Tongda Transportation Machinery CO., LTD and Beijing Xinminghai Energy Equipment Exploiture CO., LTD) is in conformity with the GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 standard. This certificate is valid to the following SQHL products and services array: Design of Radiation (γ,EB) Process Engineering; Manufacture, Installation, Debugging, and Service of Electrical & Automatic Control Equipment, Transportation Machinery Equipment. With the company"s attainment of its initial certification in 2002, SQHL company was the nation"s first to be accorded the ISO9001 certification to build quality management systems for our distinctive Co-60 reactors. Undergirding its strategic position in the worldwide marketplace, SQHL" corporate pledge is to continue our covenant with our customers to provide optimal design, flawless project management, trouble free product, excellent service, and customer-first customer-centric continuous improvement in the service of global radiation processing.