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The 16th IMRP held in Montreal Canada


The 16th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP) was held in Montreal(Canada) from 13th - 16th June.

This meeting was organized by iiA, Nordion was the regional sponsor, and this meeting was also supported by IAEA, there were more than 500 delegates from 39 countries around the world attended the meeting. The theme was “where science and business connect”

Three workshops were held in this meeting: ASTM Dosimetry Tutorial: The “Key” to Radiation Processing, Process validation in Radiation Sterilization: The Practical Application of ISO 11137, Combination and Complex Healthcare Products: Latest Developments in Radiation Sterilization. 80 keynote presentations and 172 posters were presented during three days, these reports and posters focused on radiation technology, advanced applications, advanced materials, medical sterilization and food irradiation field.During the meeting, food irradiation has been unprecedented concerned, many reports have pointed out that food irradiation will play an irreplaceable role in today"s food security situation.

Dr. Olgun Guven from Turkey, Dr. John B. Kowalski from USA and Prof. Wang Chuanzhen from China were granted the “IMRP Laureate Award” by this meeting.

Total of about 30 delegates from China attended the meeting,they came from National institute of metrology, Tongxing(Beijing) Nuclear Technology Co.,Ltd, Beijing SQHL Co,.Ltd., Beijing University, Beijing Research Centre for Radiation Application, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, Jiangsu Dasheng Electron Accelerator Device Co.,Ltd, Wuxi el-pont Radiation Technology Co.,Ltd, China Golden Irradiation Company and China(Taiwan) Biotech Corporation. Two oral presentations were given by Mr.Sheng Yiling from Beijing Research Centre for Radiation Application and Mr. Peng Wei from SQHL. Two exhibit booth were rented by Tongxing(Beijing) Nuclear Technology Co.,Ltd, and Beijing Sanqiang Heli Radiation Engineering Technology Co,.Ltd. separately showing cobalt-60 and irradiators.

During the meeting, the iiA also held an iiA member conference which approved the replacement of three directors and modify the Articles of Association that the numbers of director change from eight to nine, and specified that the new director would come from Asia & Pacific. The iiA board heard the statements from Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea"s bid for the next IMRP, but iiA board has not made the final choice so far.