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SQHL took part in the 16th IMRP


The 16th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP) was held in Montreal,Canada from 13th - 16th June 2011.

Four delegates from SQHL attended this meeting:President Prof. Wang Chuanzhen, General Manager Mr. Peng Wei, Senior Technical Advisor Ms. Zhang Hehu, Chief Engineer Mr. Wang Zemin. SQHL Also set up an exhibit booth No.2 during the IMRP to show the gamma irradiators and relative technologies.

Prof. Wang Chuanzhen was granted the IMRP Laureate Award by 16th IMRP and the board of iiA. Mr. Peng Wei also gave an oral presentation with the topic of SQ(P)-A New Pallet And Heavy Load Gamma Irradiator.

During the meeting, as an iiA member, SQHL attended the iiA member conference and iiA special lunch meeting.